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We are excited to share these new African-inspired tapes, designed by one of our own customers, Anita Nicole Brown, in honor of Juneteenth. We are also pleased to partner with the Sonia Nabeta Foundation. A portion of the sales from these designs will go to help children in Africa with Type 1 Diabetes who have limited access to necessary resources. If you would like to help support this worthy cause, we invite you to purchase from this collection or donate directly at

Behind the designer - African inspired CGM Tapes for Dexcom, Libre, Omnipod, Medtronic devices
About the Designer: "My name is Anita Nicole Brown & I am a Black Type One Diabetic celebrating almost 23 years with T1D. Working with ExpressionMed to create these two designs was important to me because I've felt that the Black T1D community has been ignored for too long. We need to be shown, seen and represented!  A percentage of the sales from these designs will go to the Sonia Nabeta Foundation! SNF has gone above and beyond to help educate and support the Type One Diabetic community in Africa and have accomplished so much with so little. 
I've been so blessed as a Black Type One Diabetic, I wanted to do what I can to share my blessings! Representing the Black T1D community and helping Sonia Nabeta Foundation is how I get to!"

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