Sponsor gifts to campers or a Summer Camp! - ExpressionMed

Diabetes summer camp is a place for kids to go and have a fun time while learning about their diabetes surrounded by friends who share the same experiences as they do. I will spend my summer volunteering at many of these camps and hope to bring some free samples along the way! For $20 you can sponsor 10 gifted adhesives, 1 given to each of 10 campers (if you want to include a note or something fun let me know), and for $200 you can sponsor an entire camp of your choice and I will give the director a range of tapes so that every kid can get what they need whether they have a pump or glucose monitor! 

This idea was brought up by the wonderful Laura Hunt from Michigan Lions Club! If you are associated with Lions Clubs, we encourage you to invite your chapter to donate as we include info cards about health and eye exams in our free samples. Diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of preventable blindness and we aim to help lessen these risks in any way we can. Education and awareness are always a good place to start!