While we wait to integrate the perfect referral app, we will run our referral program through email. 

Here is how the program will work. 

1)Find a friend who hasn't purchased ExpressionMed adhesives before

2) Make sure that they make an account before they check out. 

3) Have them write your first and last name in the "notes" section at checkout with an order of $15 dollars or more

For every 5 referrals you will get a free box of ExpressionMed adhesives. 

Additionally when you hit these numbers you will get prizes along with your free box. 

One referral: Em_bassador Bracelet and your own discount code that gives everyone you recommend 15% off their purchase! 

Five referrals: ExpressionMed Decal for Computers or Waterbottles

Twenty-five referrals: Exclusive ExpressionMed Camelbak WaterBottle 

Fifty referrals: Your own ExpressionMed employee Jersey (photos to come) We each have our own Jersey numbers and you will get yours too!