About the Tapes

CGM Covers with 4-way stretch

CGM & Pump Tape

ExpressionMed makes medical grade adhesive tapes to wear over continuous glucose monitors (CGM's) or pumps to keep devices secure throughout the full duration of the wear time.

Designed to adhere to your skin securely and safely, our tapes have been tested for use up to 21+ days. The material's omnidirectional stretch moves with your skin for a forget-that-it's-there feel.



CGM Patch with 4-way stretch

Why Material Matters

CGM Tapes should give you piece of mind to live your life without the concern of losing your device. Our tapes hold up to professional athlete standards and are as gentle and tough as needed for a toddler.

  • Breathable
  • Waterproof
  • Fray-proof
  • Sweat-proof
  • Peel Resistant
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Easy Application & Removal
  • Made for all Skin Types

Dexcom Transmitter Sticker

Diabetic Device Stickers

Our stickers are created to jazz up your devices. The waterproof material is different than our skin tape. It is designed to safely adhere to the device itself with easy application and removal so you change up your look whenever you want!

You can use these stickers on their own or pair them with the coordinating tape for your CGM or pump!


What we offer

We stand behind our tapes and stickers with a satisfaction guarantee. With over 200+ designs, our goal is make you feel comfortable in your skin.

Our customer service offers personalized recommendations and troubleshooting for any questions or issues that arise. 

As a customer-driven business, it's important to us that we listen to what our customers need and adjust accordingly. The diabetic community is a strong and tight-knit group. The courageous stories that are shared from our customers every day gives our team the passion that we exude through our product and connectedness to the community.

What people are saying

We take pride in the loyalty our customers show us by coming back to us year after year with consistent 5 star reviews. Don't take it from us - the proof is in the pudding. See what fellow CGM wearers are saying.