About Us

Welcome to ExpressionMed!  

Our Story

Designing CGM adhesives for the diabetes community and beyond began in 2015. One simple idea to build confidence for a close friend quickly grew into a dream to change the dialogue around the disease.  

After years of research, testing and customer feedback, we identified the perfect tape for longevity and comfort to help CGM wearers get the most out of their device. Lo and behold, ExpressionMed’s mission to make pre-cut device tapes out of the most durable and comfortable material, allowing our community to get optimal performance out of their chronic care wearables. We consistently add to our vibrant and diverse design offering, enabling devices to represent the people wearing them and not the disease they live with. Since then, our tapes have become a platform for conversation-starting designs that are as fun as they are functional.

Today, we are driven by that same high quality, customer-first mentality backed up by a satisfaction guarantee and a promise to push forward for the diabetes community. 

Our Products

Over the past several years, ExpressionMed has expanded our product offering across multiple devices including Dexcom, Enlite, Libre, Pod and Medtronic CGMs.

Our thin material is designed to breathe with your skin offering a forget-that-it’s-there level of comfort throughout wear time, and a durability that lasts. The goal is to help you get the most out of your device without sacrificing an active lifestyle.

According to customer surveys, ExpressionMed adhesives will stay on for 10 days to "3+ weeks" without fraying or lifting. The design has been worn and widely adopted by everyone from a busy dad of five to a competitive swimmer to an active toddler and everywhere in between.  

It’s built for you and designed to fit your lifestyle.  

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Note from the CEO

More inspiring than the product itself, are the incredible people I've met throughout this process.

To every parent who knows that diabetes isn't a lifestyle change for a child, but a whole family; every energetic kid that doesn't let a disease stop them from doing what they want to do; and every person who has faced difficult times and bounced back more confident and happy than people who can't imagine what diabetes is: ExpressionMed was built for you.

You are the reason our staff continues to work tirelessly everyday to bring this product to life, spread your message, and educate the world. We are happy that ExpressionMed is a part of your family, and invite you to join ours.  

Meghan Sharkus, Founder and CEO of ExpressionMed