CGM Tapes review by customer Malena"I love ExpressionMed tapes because they last the 10 days I need with my Dexcom! I’m allergic to almost all adhesives besides these wonderful tapes.

I spent 8 years trying to find a way to have my CGM's stick. After finding ExpressionMed, it changed my whole perspective with diabetes.

Plus, they’re the cutest tapes and I have one to match almost every outfit if I want!"

~ Malena, @malena padilla_



CGM patch customer review by NFL player"When I found ExpressionMed, I thought it was one of the coolest things in the world because I had never seen it before.

It's a way to express yourself and bring a positive nature to the diabetes lifestyle.

I sweat a lot and with these adhesives, it moves with the body and helps keeps my CGM secure."

~Kendall, @kendall_sim73 [former NFL player]

Dexcom patch review

"ExpressionMed tape has helped my skin so much.

I no longer have adhesive burns or bumps from normal CGM tape.

The tape doesn’t come off while I workout or even swim in the lake! I love ExpressionMed and all their fun designs!"

~Paris, @mydiabeteshurts


CGM patches review by SamiraExpressionMed is one of the only tapes I found that holds true to its claims.

When I was diagnosed in 2017, I had problems with my tape giving me rashes & falling off before 7 days...

It wasn't until I found ExpressionMed that I could wear a tape worry free. They offer beautiful and creative designs that allow you to make wearing a tape fun. Thanks to ExpressionMed I can wear my CGM with confidence!"

~Samira, @bittersweetbetes

Dexcom sticker review

"With some of the tapes I had to use prior [to ExpressionMed adhesives], I had to cut the tape after only 4 days with tiny scissors and risk poking my daughter.

As with ExpressionMed, it lasted the entire for the life of her sensor and on top of that, they have really cute designs, which is enticing for Alexa. 'My favorite tape is the Festival one', says Alexa. 

Alexa is a very proud diabetic and ExpressionMed tapes are a help in that. I immediately recommend ExpressionMed because they have simple designs if you want to keep it plain or super fun patterns if you want to jazz it up and it will keep your sensor on as long as it is working accurately."

~Alexa's mom & Alexa, @alexassweetlife

CGM Dexcom patch review

"ExpressionMed tapes are the best quality on the market & I will be a customer for life! For a long time, I think many of us T1Ds felt very self-conscious exposing our pumps, sites, and sensors...

But now, thanks to ExpressionMed's fun and effective tapes, there’s a sense of freedom & pride in showing off this equipment.It makes me so happy to see that people are proud to show off their sites because they have an awesome tape that fits their personality!"

~Ingrid, @cheerybubble