ExpressionMed began when I was just a high school student who aspired to use my interest in business and design to change someone’s life for the better.

I was introduced to diabetes at the young age of 3 when I watched my babysitter give herself “doctor shots” multiple times per day and later reintroduced when one of my best friends was diagnosed in elementary school.

I didn’t really get to know diabetes until I started conducting interviews, years later. I was empowered by stories of building communities, overcoming fear, and making positive lifestyle changes. But I was scared by stories of depression, bullying, and danger. I realized that insulin therapy wasn’t addressing all the needs of people with Type 1 diabetes.

It was enough to keep them alive, but did it stop 10-year-old Evan from dropping out of hockey after his teammates made fun of his pump in the locker room? Did it stop 16-year-old Jessica’s set from falling off at the big game, giving her no choice but to leave early?  Did it make 5-year-old Shaniya feel more confident going into her first day of kindergarten? No, because it wasn’t made to do these things.  I was determined to make something that was.

After 2 years of writing business plans, establishing mentors, testing adhesives, building prototypes, and conducting small trials. I am ready to begin selling my first two designs of this patent pending product. My goal is to provide the most comfortable adhesive that will help infusion sets stay on for their intended duration, fun designs that will allow wearers to feel confident and happy, and a two-part design system (coming soon!) that will allow the devices function to become a fun story instead of a difficult explanation when addressing questions from curious friends and family members.

I am proud to say that ExpressionMed adhesives are created locally in Lake City, Minnesota; are bio-compatible (tested as not harmful to skin); and the inks are waterproofed without the use of solvents (production is environmentally friendly).

I hope that these adhesives can help you in your daily care routine, and I invite you to reach out to me with feedback from your experience, or any suggestions you may have!

Happy World Diabetes Day!


Meghan Sharkus

Founder and CEO of ExpressionMed