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Meet Marcy!

Marcy Expression Med Profile
Meet Marcy!
T1D for 14 Years
ExpressionMed customer since December 2017
Favorite Tape: Elephant
Favorite Dexcom Site: Arm
Typical Sensor Life: 14-17 Days
Has other medical/dietary restrictions
Background on Marcy:
I was diagnosed with kidney stones when I was 28 years old and diabetic when I was 35 years old.  My diabetes was easy to manage till 2007 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Shortly after I finished treatment we discovered that I had severe damage to my liver. Because of my kidney stones I’m on a special diet.  So for last few years as my liver and kidneys got worse, my ability to control my blood sugars became very difficult.  I talked to my endo and I was approved and had my dexcom in less than a month and I have dropped A1c to almost not diabetic levels.
Marcy's Tape Application Routine:
1. Clean skin with rubbing alcohol
2. Swap area with liquid Skin Tac (cheaper and easier to control where it goes)
3. Apply Dexcom (vertically, large end facing down to help drain water when wet)
4. Place ExpressionMed patch over top!
Tape Removal Routine:
Because of my liver I have developed an allergy to the sun so I was worried about removal of the patches, but no issues what so ever.
1. Peel gently from top to bottom.
2. Rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining adhesive!
3. Prep skin for new sensor.
Other Tips!
I do a lot of swimming (4 times a week). Hint: use a blow dryer on low to dry the tape after pool or bath!