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Meet Megan!

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Meet Megan!
T1D for 2 years
ExpressionMed customer since: June 2017
Favorite ExpressionMed Tape: Donut and Rainbow
Longest Wear Time: 3.5 weeks!
Dry Skin Type
Megan's Tape Application Routine:
I typically have dry skin. I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and that contributes to dry skin. You’d think it would make things easier to stick, but I haven’t really found that to be the case! Most tapes I tried frayed and peeled off within a few days, or caused me to itch. ExpressionMed solves both those problems!
1. Clean area thoroughly with rubbing alcohol wipes and let dry completely.
2.  I find that I get the best wear from my sensors if I apply the tape right after sensor insertion.
3. Peel back one half of the tape and then the other for a smooth, wrinkle-free application. Smooth and press it, and that's it!
Tips, Tricks and Thoughts:
 I wear lotion, so it’s best to clean that off before applying.  I’m a big supporter of ExpressionMed. They help make my Dexcom sensors last longer, they keep me from having to look at dingy white medical tape, and they are just bright and fun!