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Meet Mike Evangelis

Mike EMbassador ExpressionMed Dexcom Mike Diabetic Warrior Dexcom Tape ExpressionMed Mike E EMbassador ExpressionMed Type One Diabetes
My name is Mike Evangelis. I am a type 1 diabetic, personal trainer, online nutrition/training coach, and natural bodybuilder. My goal is to help inspire people with my story and show the world that regardless of circumstances we can achieve everything we put our mind to. I want to help diabetics live a healthy life through proper training and nutrition. 
I love using expression med tapes because I am highly active with sports and bodybuilding, which causes me to sweat and I would always run into issues with my devices staying on. Ever since I started using ExpressionMed tape I have no problem having my Dexcom on for weeks at a time with no issues due to sweating. I can assure anyone that if they purchase ExpressionMed tape they will not be disappointed. 
Links to contact me:
Instagram: mike_evangelis
Facebook: Mike Evangelis