Meet Wesley! - ExpressionMed

Meet Wesley!

Meet Wesley Dragon Dexcom Overpatch ExpressionMed Type One Diabetes
Meet Wesley!
T1D for: 2 Years
ExpressionMed Customer Since: August 2017
Favorite ExpressionMed Tape: Dragon and Football
Longest Wear Time: 3 weeks (as long as sensor lasts)
Active teen and athlete!


Wesley's Tape Application Routine:

1. Clean area with IV Prep/Alcohol swab and let dry

                2. Apply skin tac to Dexcom area and let tack up

                3. Apply sensor and insert then place the transmitter

                4. Using the lock tool from the inserter to rub the white adhesive to help stick

                5. Dexcom warmup period 2hrs in case of sensor failure during warm up period

                6. Clean area for patch with IV prep/Alcohol and let dry

                7. Apply skin tac to area where patch will go and let tack up

                8. Apply patch and rub it down well to help adhesive stick and activate better

Tape Removal Routine:

Pull along the skin like a 3M adhesive strip where it contacts the skin. This has worked much better than just tugging and pulling!

Other Advice and Info:

Skin tac is used to ensure longevity of patch. I like the adhesive as it doesn’t me as much as the other brands did. I also like the fabric it’s made of as I notice it as much and allows me to move freely with it on.