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It's not taboo to buy yourself flowers. It's an expression of self love šŸ’• Show yourself a little love with this Blush Rose patch!

Featuring our Libre 3 specific cut-out in aĀ heart shape! The Libre Perfect FitĀ patchesĀ leave the sensor exposed and are designed to fit very snugly around your sensorĀ to help keep your CGM on.Ā Ā Using the best material for sensitive skin, these overlays are a great alternative to our Libre Overpatch style.Ā Check out theĀ matching center sticker!

  • Best material for sensitive skin
  • Sweat resistantĀ 
  • Waterproof
  • Fray-proof
  • Breathable, stretchy, comfortable fit
  • 2-part backing for easy application
  • Our strong adhesive can last for 14+ days

These fun shapes come with a little extra flair, thanks to their charming shapes. While this allows for easy application, to maximize wear time and prevent pesky creasing, consider selecting an application site where the adhesive is less likely to come into contact with tight clothing (think waistbands or bra straps) or undergo excessive movement. Think of it as giving your adhesive a comfortable home where it can stick around for longer.

OurĀ heartĀ shape has been tested and lasted 14+ days, however for maximum sensor security we recommend our regular style tapes. Please note, we do not recommend heart shape tapes with our underpatches.