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10 Must Follow Diabetes TikTok Pages

May 19, 2020 1 Comment


Contrary to popular belief, TikTok isn't just for lip syncing and trendy dances. Users all over the world are sharing important messages in a digestible way and the world is listening. The diabetes community finally has a place to share life as a CGM wearing, finger pricking, blood sugar monitoring, type one superhero. And, we're here for it.

We picked these 10 influencers because we love how they show off their insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors with fun tapes, witty videos and unapologetically real life.

Follow us and let's bring awareness to #diabetes together!

1. @Sierraortiz3

Sierra wears a Dexcom G6 and shares content just about anything and everything including life with diabetes. She has 78K+ followers (wow!) and is a great account to follow. Check her out! 

Managing my diabetes Dexcom tape
photo credit: @sierraortiz3

2. @eggbinch

At 51K+ followers, Eden is a diabetes warrior with some hilarious content. She wears a Dexcom G6 and loves to post about her blood sugars and other relatable content like what not to say to someone with diabetes. Check her out!

side effects of low blood sugar
photo credit: @eggbinch

3. @sierranalence

Sierra, who has 38k+ followers, is a device queen wearing a Tandem t:slim insulin pump and a Dexcom G6. Not only does she post some great diabetes community content but she’s hilarious about other life things too. Check her out!

type 1 diabetes management  t:slim pump and Dexcom G6
photo credit: @sierranalence

4. @typeonetypehappy

Catch some great Freestyle Libre videos from this up and coming account with lots of spunk. Not only does she have a killer TikTok page, Gretchen has a website and Instagram @typeonetypehappy where she blogs about her type one diabetes lifestyle. What an inspiration! 

Freestyle Libre Tape Videos
photo credit: @typeonetypehappy

5. @ftfwarrior

A popular instagram influencer, Matt is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist who's bringing his comedic side to TikTok. A type one warrior himself, he wears a Dexcom G6 and helps other people manage their A1C! (See his website for more details.) Follow @ftfwarrior for all kinds of content including fitness, nutrition, and hilarious antics.

Managing my A1C
photo credit: @ftfwarrior

6. @yoowaddupbruh

The QUEEN of tiktok dance trends, Alex from Orlando has 145k+ followers! She embraces her devices by wearing a pod pump on her arm for the world to see and decorates it with gems and sparkles. You go girl!

pod pump diabetic pump
photo credit: @yoowaddupbruh

7. @creative.brainstorm

The owner of this tiktok page doesn’t have diabetes, but her boyfriend does and she paints his pods for him! What a cool way to show off creativity and artistic talent. With 53K+ followers and over a million likes, she is spreading the love with crazy cool content.

painting my diabetes pump
credit: @creative.brainstorm

8. @avybabe

@avybabe has over 10k followers and she is a beast with the CGM content. Avery just started using a G6 after being on the Dexcom G5 and posted her first ever G6 insertion. She loves adding cute tapes and patches to her devices and sharing her confidence with the world, so go support her journey by giving her a follow!

dex insertion Dexcom g6 insertion 
photo credit: @avybabe

9. @ahleqzhaindeer

AJ has a giant following of 202k+ and posts about ALL the hilarious situations people have gone through having diabetes. Whether it’s friend’s moms yelling at you for having your “phone” out, or people warning you that if you eat too much of that “you might get diabetes,” he’s done it all. @ahleqzhaindeer is an account to follow so check him out!

tiktok diabetes influencer

photo credit: @ahleqzhaindeer

10. @kruegersplust1d

Last but certainly not least is @kruegersplust1d. One family + 6 people with diabetes = a whole lot of craziness. Give this page a follow for some sisterly antics, device insertions, and some family fun.


diabetes TikTok featuring cgm patches Diabetes support group
photo credit: @kruegersplus1d

What to do now!

Go ahead and follow these awesome tiktok pages to see their diabetes content, along with @expressionmed to complete our latest challenge! Whether you’re a diabetes warrior, a friend or family member of one, or just a supporter, you can thrive as a part of this awesome community.

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Emily O’Neil
Emily O’Neil

January 05, 2021

Hi I just want to ask how much the pumps are as I’m newly diagnosed and my skin doesn’t absorb the insulin

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