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Answers to All Your UnderPatch Questions

December 06, 2022 2 Comments

UnderPatch for CGM

ExpressionMed's UnderPatch was designed to help protect your skin from reactions to harsh device adhesives. Read on to learn more about how the UnderPatch works with your devices, how to apply the UnderPatch, and more!

How do I apply the UnderPatch?

Applying the UnderPatch is simple! Put the UnderPatch on your skin where you would like to insert your CGM or pump. Then, insert your device through the patch and secure it with your favorite ExpressionMed tape. 

Click a link to view our written or video application instructions. 

Will any part of the UnderPatch go into my skin when inserting my device through it? 

No, the UnderPatch is designed with material that separates to let the needle pass through without any of the material being pushed into your skin. 

Do I have to wear an overlay tape with the UnderPatch?

Since most devices are designed to adhere only to skin, our UnderPatch should be paired with an overlay patch to ensure your device is secure.

Why doesn't ExpressionMed's UnderPatch have an opening for my device? 

Our UnderPatch was designed so you can insert the device through the patch. The material separates slightly from the force of the insertion needle to allow it to pass through without leaving any residue on the insertion needle or device. This gives you the best protection possible from your device's adhesive. 

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ExpressionMed Customer Service
ExpressionMed Customer Service

June 29, 2023

Yes, our UnderPatches and Overlay tapes are latex free!!


June 29, 2023

Is it Latex free?

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