Go to Kickstarter to buy products now or to support our efforts to hel - ExpressionMed

Go to Kickstarter to buy products now or to support our efforts to help families with diabetes!

March 07, 2017

Dexcom tape

Go to the Kickstarter now, or read on to learn more :)

Hi my name is Meghan, the 19 year old founder that hopes to simplify diabetic care and add fun to daily routines. 

ExpressionMed has already sent adhesives to over 200 people in 24 states and 4 different countries. Our tape has been called a "site savor" a "life changer" and a "huge help". Our tape stays on for weeks at a time without fraying or peeling. It is comfortable and soft so wearers almost don't notice it's there. 

I have been hand making these tapes for months and because I was able to change the lives of hundreds of families with diabetes, I know I need to be able to make them faster and more efficiently. If we can get this Kickstarter funded by Saturday March 11th. I can start manufacturing now and get this product sent out to the families that order ASAP, and I will have time to create new shapes and design for new product like the Enlite and Pod.

How Do I buy?

Through this link you can either buy 1 box, 6 boxes, or 12 boxes. Each box has 5 tapes. At twelve boxes you can buy for as low as $9 per box. Families can get the tapes to stay for more than 2 weeks. This is like 10 weeks of coverage for only $1 and you can mix and match your designs when you choose multiple boxes. If you order 6 or 12 boxes. You will get a link to order hand made samples so you can try the tape before the final product shows up at your door at the end of the campaign :) Enjoy!

The campaign may end in April but the sooner you support, the sooner we can start manufacturing and the more design options you will have available to you. So support today! 

How do I support? 

Within the Kickstarter tiers you will find supporter tiers. This will let you donate to the cause and receive things like an Expression wristband, laptop sticker, camelback waterbottle and T-shirt in return. You can feel good about helping families with diabetes and have some cool swag to show off that you support new startups in the medical space!

This is a timely matter so support today and share the Kickstarter with your friends and family! 

Thank you! 

Meghan Sharkus


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