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Can You Cover The Hole in the Center of The Freestyle Libre?

June 14, 2021 1 Comment

Libre 2 sensor covers

If you are the type to read the small print, you may have noticed the sentence in the bottom right corner of the FreeStyle Libre Adhesion Guide that says to “Make sure the opening / hole in the centre of the sensor is not covered”.

This makes ExpressionMed’s new Libre OverPatch seem extremely illogical since it clearly covers the hole in the center of the device. 

Libre OverPatch tape for your Freestyle Libre

Photo credit: @AustinJamesMusic

We cleared the situation up by contacting a local Freestyle Libre Representative who expressed that the device simply “needs to breathe” meaning the hole can be covered by a breathable material like a tight shirt, winter coat, or even medical adhesive (like our OverPatch) so long as air can get in and out. 

For this reason, ExpressionMed cuts small holes in all of its non-breathable plastic tapes like the center sticker for Freestyle Libre pictured below.

Libre Center Sticker with Match CGM tape

Photo credit: @Shreya.T1D

So whether you like the two-piece libre/center-sticker combination or the one-piece OverPatch, you can make use of ExpressionMed tape without worrying about your sensor readings. 

Speaking of the two-piece libre center-sticker combo, did you know that we recommend this the most for longevity but most people apply it incorrectly? Check out our Libre Application video for the optimal application technique! 

Main image photo credit: @Rachelenelpaes

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BarbaraSue Waldrip
BarbaraSue Waldrip

September 19, 2022

I’m a Type II Diabetic on Insulin. So I use the Libre 14 day sensor also. I wish there were Type II Awareness tapes too. I would wear them. Not everyone can overturn Type II Diabetes. Thank you for a very good product. ❤️

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