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Day 0 - #10DaysforT1D Challenge

October 04, 2022

#10DaysforT1D Challenge Day 0

Join Day 0 of the #10DaysforT1D Challenge on: October 31, November 10, or November 20

It’s the eve of National Diabetes Awareness Month, so grab your JDRF tape, wear it with us, and encourage your friends to join in on all the fun challenges coming this November!

Directions for Those Living with Diabetes: Create an ASMR style video of you applying your CGM with a JDRF T1D awareness month tape and mailing your 5 supporter tapes and challenge cards to people who support you and the T1D community! Don’t forget to tag them in your post!
● Sound Suggestions:
Cute Horror Song -
Great Pumpkin Waltz -
Oh Klahoma -
● Suggested Caption: I accepted the #10DaysForT1D challenge! I nominate @name @name @name @name and @name to join me to spread awareness for T1D this November 💙
● Suggested Hashtags: #NDAM #forwardas1 #JDRFxEM #10DaysForT1D
● Notes:
○ Since this will be on Halloween, use trending Halloween hashtags and sounds for virality.
○ To be educational, add a voiceover/narrate what you are doing, why you chose your site, what a CGM does, etc.


Supporters of The T1D Community: The #10DaysforT1D Challenge will start for you tomorrow! You do not need to do anything for Day 0. Click here to skip to Day 1! 

Still not quite sure what the #10DaysforT1D Challenge is? Click here for more information!

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