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Day 1 - #10DaysforT1D Challenge

October 04, 2022

Day 1 - #10DaysforT1D Challenge

Join Day 1 of the #10DaysforT1D Challenge on: November 1, November 11, or November 21!

Those Living with Diabetes: You should have completed your first video yesterday (click here if you have not completed Day 0). Today, supporters of the T1D community will be posting their Day 1 videos showing them applying their supporter tape. 

Supporters of the T1D Community: It’s officially National Diabetes Awareness Month, so grab your JDRF supporter tape, wear it with us, and encourage your friends to join in on all the fun challenges coming this November!
Directions: Film yourself applying your supporter tape while duetting/mirroring an application video from a T1D applying their tape. Find these videos by searching #10DaysForT1D on tiktok, instagram, or youtube! Mail your challenge cards to your friends and don’t forget to tag them in your post!
● Sound Suggestions: Use the sound of the video you dueted
● Suggested Caption: I accepted the #10DaysForT1D challenge! I nominate @name @name @name @name and @name to join me to spread awareness for T1D this November 💙
● Suggested Hashtags: #NDAM #JDRFxEM #10DaysForT1D #Forwardfor(insert name of the person you’re supporting during NDAM)

Want more information about #10DaysforT1D? Click Here! 

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