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Dexcom G7 Launch Date & More Details!

February 10, 2023

Dexcom G7 Patches

The Dexcom G7 will be available for purchase in the United States on February 17th! Are you ready to make the switch? ExpressionMed has you covered with stylish patches to keep your new CGM comfortable and secure - Check out ExpressionMed's Dexcom G7 patches by clicking here

Applying your Dexcom G7 sensor with your ExpressionMed Dexcom G7 patch is easy! Check out this video from our partners at Diabetic Supply UK:



Waiting to see how the G7 works for people before making the switch? Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and socials! We'll be sharing information from early adopters. And, for even more information about the Dexcom G7, be sure to check out our Dexcom G7 FDA Approval Blog by clicking here! 

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