Diabetes Awareness Month Fun!

November 11, 2018

The Breakdown: 

Photo contest-

For the first 3 days of the week send us your Fall Leaves photos. On Wednesday at 10pm we will pick the finalists. The finalists will have 4 days to get the most facebook likes on their photos to win 5 tapes of their choice! 

Submissions here:

Type One-Der-Ful competition Closed

Use this link to submit your Fall Leaves photos (accepting photos until the 13th at 10pm)

Use this link to submit your Diabetic Warrior photos (accepting photos until the 18th at 10pm)

Use this link to submit your Unicorn photos (accepting photos until the 25th at 10pm)

Where to buy:

Use this link to buy the Diabetic Warrior for the upcoming contest  

Use this link to buy the Unicorn tape for the upcoming contest

If for any reason you are unsuccessful in submitting using this link, please email your photo to Community@expressionmed.com


Comment on the giveaway posts for a chance to win

Question of the day-

Check your email, answer a question, and you're in the running to win 🏆

Feature Friday-

Click here and tell us about you! 1 entry means you are in the running every. single. week. How cool is that? 


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