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How to Apply the 2-Piece Medtronic Tape

June 07, 2021

Medtronic Guardian sensor tape

Applying your 2-Piece Patch to your Medtronic Device

Medtronic Guardian or Enlite CGM Device - Patch options to keep it secure

We can't wait for you to try our 2-piece patch designed specifically for your Medtronic device!

Whether you have a Medtronic Enlite, Guardian, 660g, or 770g, your CGM most likely looks like this one. 

We'll use this as a guide for your instructions below. Let's get started on the best way to apply your tape with the most ease and maximum hold.


2-Piece Medtronic Tape Application Video

If you learn best with videos, check out this one we took when a friend visited ExpressionMed HQ!  Otherwise, check out our step-by-step guide below.


Steps for Applying your 2-Piece Medtronic Tape to your CGM Device:

Step 1: Insert your CGM

Step 2: Remove the center backing by holding down the left side of the adhesive while removing the right side of the ExpressionMed patch

Preparing to apply your 2-piece Medtronic patch to your device


Step 3: Place the tape's hole around the plastic piece of the center and secure the sticky part down

How to Apply your 2-piece Medtronic patch to your CGM Device


Step 4: Fold the tape towards the center and push outwards to peel off the backing without touching the sticky part of the tape.

Remove the backing to apply your 2-piece tape to your Medtronic CGM device


Step 5: Clip in your Transmitter

Clipping your transmitter into your Medtronic CGM Device


Step 6: Remove the straight backing from the second part of the patch 

Remove the backing of the second piece of the Medtronic 2-piece patch


Step 7: Place the second piece down so that the design lines up 

Apply the second piece of the Medtronic 2-piece tape to your CGM device


Step 8: Peel off the last piece of backing and smooth the tape down! Voila! 

Smooth down your Medtronic 2-piece tape over your CGM device


Step 9: Show off your Medtronic device and stylish tape on social media and tag @expressionmedtape on instagram ♥

Customer photo of Medtronic 2-piece patch on CGM Device

Photo cred: @diabetsyle


For additional questions about your 2-piece Medtronic tapes, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

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