Hi! I’m Meghan Sharkus and being the CEO of ExpressionMed continues to be the most challenging and rewarding  experience of my life. Since starting this company in the summer of 2015 I have spent countless days in adhesive research centers, legal offices, and manufacturing facilities learning as much as I can  about making the perfect tape for one of the most inspiring groups of people I know: the diabetes community.  

While I have had many rough days, nothing makes me happier than brainstorming with my team, or seeing a designer’s work come to life. I think we all can agree that the highlight of our workweek is talking with moms on the ExpressionMed Ambassador Facebook page and seeing pictures and reviews from families whose routines have been changed by ExpressionMed’s product.

What a lot of people don’t know about me as an entrepreneur is: I love complaints. Because they mean there is something I can fix. If a tape doesn’t work for your skin, email me. Odds are I know what changes you can make in the application to make it work for you. If a tape is too small or too large, email me. I didn’t create this company to make something that I like, I made it for the moms who want to change their child’s device a little less often. For the kids who want cool artwork to show off to their friends. To the adult who has had diabetes for two decades and needs a tape that is reliable in quality and diverse in design.

I am so excited to be creating something that helps such a passionate and deserving community. You guys inspire me everyday to push through the difficult times and build the best product for wearable medical devices.

June 01, 2017 by Meghan Sharkus