National Diabetes Awareness Month - What To Expect From Us This Novemb - ExpressionMed

National Diabetes Awareness Month - What To Expect From Us This November 

November 02, 2021

National Diabetes Awareness Month

ExpressionMed Diabetes Awareness Month Plans

National Diabetes Awareness Month has begun and if you're curious how ExpressionMed is participating this year, keep reading!

10% of revenue from select tapes will be donated to CDN:

We will be donating 10% of the proceeds from the sales of all diabetes themed tapes to the College Diabetes Network (CDN). The CDN is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is singularly focused on providing young adults with T1D the peer connections they value, and expert resources they need to successfully manage the challenging transition to independence at college and beyond.

More ways to give back to the community:

ExpressionMed has built their largest Diabetes Awareness Month initiative yet. An NFT project called Diadragons

The art was built in collaboration with Emma from Type One Toucan and features many nods to the diabetic community. Pictured below: A zombie diadragon with a low reading, a unicorn, a cyborg holding a t-slim, and a representation of Frederick Banting holding the insulin patent for 1 dollar.

Diadragons NFT project by ExpressionMed
This project has 3 initiatives: 
  1. To raise money to give a year's supply of insulin and CGM supplies to as many people as possible.
  2. To spread awareness regarding what diabetes devices are and what living with it is like
  3. To catch and keep the attention of non-diabetics, involve them in discussions, and encourage their support. 

You can buy Diadragons here.

The full project description is available here, and you'll really love this 2-minute animation that provides a more fun, narrative description of the project's mission.

Participatory IG stories:

Check out our Instagram story on Mondays to participate in the interactive diabetes themed stories that will ask questions which you can respond to. Then keep a look out for the results posted on our story on Fridays!

IG takeovers with our T1D influencers:

We are excited to work with a few of our influencers this month as they takeover our Instagram account on Wednesdays and give us a peek into what a day in their life is like. They will post video, photo, and interactive content on our stories. Look out for Gretchen, Sierra, and more on our Instagram!

TikTok challenges:

We have 4 TikTok challenges you can be a part of this November! At the end of October, we posted prep videos showing you how to partake in the challenges. Visit our TikTok to watch these videos and learn how to join in on the fun!

  • #EMDiabetesSupplies Challenge - This challenge brings awareness to the supplies people with diabetes use (and how much!!).
  • #EMDeviceBFF Challenge - This challenge brings awareness to the different devices that diabetics use, from pumps, to CGM, to meters.
  • #EMFriendHelpsMe Challenge - This challenge bring awareness to the site changes diabetics have to do with their CGMs and pumps. 
  • #EMDiabeticVsNon Challenge - This challenge brings awareness to what diabetics have to deal with day to day compared to a non-diabetic.

Diabetes diagnosis stories:

Every Sunday on Instagram, we will be sharing a diabetes diagnosis story. Visit our Instagram to learn about some diagnoses and engage with us in the comments!


Keep your eye out for Giveaways throughout November! We will be collaborating with Senita Athletics, @typeonetypehappy, @nickichicki, @thepetitenursenp, and more!  

Easy opportunities to raise awareness through your own platforms:

Social Media content and templates will be released throughout the month to share on your own platforms! 

And more!

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