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Reasons for Using an UnderPatch

May 10, 2021

UnderPatch blog to prevent the dexcom rash

The Benefits of Using an UnderPatch

You may have noticed our new line of products called UnderPatches. Unlike the rest of our products, these tapes offer no fun designs, and are relatively new to the diabetes world which may have you thinking: 

Do I need to use an UnderPatch?

The answer to this question is simple. If you have experienced a Dexcom or Libre rash this product is for you. If you have not, be on your merry way knowing that you have healthy, happy skin. 

If you’ve experienced a Dexcom rash, you next need to determine if the rash was limited to the area of the Dexcom tape, or if it was underneath your ExpressionMed Tape as well. If it was under both, see our blog on preventing and healing dexcom rash. 

If the reaction is only underneath the Dexcom itself, keep reading.

How do I use an UnderPatch? 

First clean off your skin with non-scented soap and water, if your skin has had a rash before it likely has some lasting damage to the skin barrier, using harsh chemicals like rubbing alcohol can create further damage. 

Next, wait for the skin to dry and apply the UnderPatch by following the instructions on the product page. 

Lastly apply your Dexcom as you normally would! It’s that simple!

If you’re feeling especially creative and want your Dex or Libre to stay on a little longer, add your favorite ExpressionMed design over the top and voila! The perfect set up for a comfortable, stylish, rash-free CGM experience.

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