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Keeping Your CGM Tape on Longer 202: The Hair Dryer Trick

December 15, 2021

Using a hair dryer to extend the wear time of our tape

How to use a hair dryer to extend the wear time of your CGM tape!

If you've never had to deal with hot and humid weather, consider yourself lucky. Most people complain about their hair and clothes in the humidity, but what about the things those of us who wear CGMs and pumps have to deal with?

Struggling with diabetic devices and tapes peeling up is not only frustrating, it's also expensive to change out your Dexcom or pump site more often than needed. If you live in a hot and humid climate, and especially if you're active in that kind of climate, I have an answer for you that will solve your Dexcom (or other device) problems! A hair dryer!

As simple as it sounds, it has proven to be super useful in my life with a Dexcom G6 sensor.  So next time you're having a difficult time keeping your devices on, grab a hair dryer and apply a little bit of heat to the area to get the adhesive to really STICK. You will be unstoppable!

Hair dryer trick instructions:

Step 1: Apply your device on to your body (CGM and/or pump).

Step 2: Choose an EM tape to wear. (I know it's so hard to pick just one when they are all so cute!!)

Step 3: Apply the EM tape to your CGM or pump site.

Step 4: Grab your hair dryer, turn it on a medium setting, and carefully dry the area with the tape for about 10 seconds or so.

Step 5: Celebrate and know that your CGM/pump site will stay on secure for the full wear time!


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