The Ultimate Diabetes Tape Guide: 5 things you need to know if you have a Dexcom CGM

Can you relate to any of these comments? 

"This tape had great reviews, but it doesn't work on my son. Nothing does." 

"This tape worked for me last week, but now I can't get it to stay on for a day, they must have changed the material" 

"Any tape that stays RUINS my skin. Or am I just allergic to everything?" 

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***The above pictures are ExpressionMed (far left) and two competitor tapes. These come from some of our favorite bloggers: A Trail of Test Strips, Imgrum, and Smells Like Insulin

Everyone's skin is different. Your skin can change based on the weather, your activity, even what you eat. So if you do the exact same procedure each time, you are never guaranteed to have the same results, And no tape company can afford to change their material to try and "trick you". We've all put time into researching our tape and we have to buy at large quantities to stay in business.The best thing ExpressionMed can do (and did do) is build you the perfect tape as a foundation for long wear and comfort and give you advice to deal with any skin situation. Here is what you need to know: 

1) Always pull off tape "like a command strip" stretching away from the center. NEVER rip it off like a band-aid. Tape that is meant to stay on for weeks will be very stuck to your skin. Lifting straight up will lift your skin with it, whereas stretching the tape will weaken the adhesion and remove the tape painlessly. 

2) If your skin is particularly dry, or the weather is cold and dry, we recommend you exfoliate your skin more than usual. This will help eliminate the possibility of dead skin buildup that can stick to the tape and cause it to lift. 

3) If you are particularly active, your weather is more humid, or you eat a lot of dairy, your skin may beoily and you should clean the area with rubbing alcohol before application to prevent the oils from affecting the tape.

4) In any case it is important to not touch the adhesive before application. This is where Expressionmed’s 3-part backing is very useful. Remove only the middle section while holding the outer  pieces with your hands as you apply the tape. Then once the center is placed, carefully remove the other two pieces of backing. Gently rub down on the tape like you would to secure a stamp on an envelope to ensure a quality adhesion.

5) Lastly, we do not recommend skin tac or any supplemental adhesives with ExpressionMed tape. We found that it can actually decrease wear time because the adhesive leaves residue is not as good as our backing in terms of longevity. However, if the tips above do not help you, you can try using skin tack on the edges of your tape. In this case we recommend just outlining a "ring" of skin tac instead of filling in the whole oval. This will minimize residue. 

We hoped this helped! Comment on this post or email if you have any other tips and tricks! 

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November 14, 2017 by Meghan Sharkus

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