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Skin Tone 04 - Tan Dexcom G6 Underpatch

If you want your dex to have that "barely there" look, we highly recommend the tan patch.

Do you have sensitive skin or experience irritation from the new Dexcom adhesives? Our new UnderPatch is designed to help protect your skin from reactions to harsh adhesives by serving as a barrier between your skin and your Dexcom device.

Try our gentle, but strong UnderPatch to save your skin from a painful reaction. Jazz up your device by layering any of our regular Dexcom G6 tapes over your device to keep it in place. 

*Disclaimer: The Dexcom G6 UnderPatch is designed to be paired with the full size Dexcom G6 tapes. If paired with the Dexcom G6 mini, the overtape may not stay on the full wear time.


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