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The Best Dexcom Tape Advice from Customers

March 08, 2018

Dexcom tape for exercising

Learning how to get the Dexcom on is tough, especially for new users. Getting Dexcom to stay on can often be a greater challenge.

Everybody has different skin type and many factors determine what your skin type is. The weather, your diet and level of daily activity all affect skin composition. So how do you know which brand or kind of tape will be most compatible with your skin? Are there fewer or extra steps you should take when it comes to applying and removing tape with your specific skin type?

The answer is: YES!

This is why ExpressionMed asked a few of our customers to create a profile. Marcy, Megan and Wesley all have their own tips and tricks to get the longest wear out of their Dexcom tape:

Marcy: T1D for 14 Years and has Other Dietary/Medical Restrictions

Megan: T1D for 2 Years, Dry Skin

Wesley: T1D for 2 Years, Athletic Teen

Check through the profile that you think is the most similar to your lifestyle and skin type, we hope that these profiles can offer some tips and tricks to best help you!

We will be adding more profiles in the future, so check back soon! If you are interested in submitting a profile, please contact

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